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Mock 2: The Speed of Stupid is a 41 level Joke WAD for Doom II and a spiritual successor to Mockery. The mod relies on ridiculous enemy placement, such as a Cyberdemon in level 2, as well as numerous enemies in levels (one level contains over 700 Cyberdemons, another contains 993 Cacodemons). The god mode cheat can often be necessary to complete many levels due to the sheer number of enemies.

The mod pushes goofiness, including a demon-run fast food restaurant called MockDonald's, as well as a level entitled "Ejipt" which, despite its apparent Egyptian theme, is full of non-textured walls and random slopes. One level includes a Hell Knight and Baron of Hell rendition of the song "Vampire Killer" from the Castlevania series. The credits map takes the player through a demon nightclub where monsters ignore the player, to a final inescapable room where the Icon of Sin is rendered as a giant person sitting on a toilet bowl, spawning an endless supply of monsters in a display of crude toilet humor.

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