MiniDOOM is very short tribute game based on Doom 1. It is a 2D action platformer game. It was developed by indie developers Calavera Studio. It can be downloaded freely for Windows at it's homepage.

Download link: MiniDOOM


The game follows the same rules as the original Doom, pick up keys to get to the exit alive. The player controls can aim in four directions, jump and crouch to avoid enemy projectiles.

Most of the weapons from the original game are present, with the exception of the chainsaw and fist. The gun replaces them as the infinite ammo weapon.

Some weapons have different characteristics from the originals. The Shotgun has a shorter range and it shares ammo with the Chaingun. The Plasma Rifle has slow homing bullets. And the BFG has lower damage and lower energy cost than the original.


The game consists of 5 levels. They follow the Knee Deep in the Dead chapter starting in the hangar and ending in the Phobos anomaly. The exception is level 4 which is a vertical focused level that has a more hellish theme.


The game was made in Game Maker Studio. It was released May 13, 2016 the same date as Doom4.


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