Michael "Bloodskull" Cole joined the Doom community in the latter half of 2003, and became somewhat infamous with the release of Tale of DooM: Station Basement, next to the TC by the same name. After being humiliated by the map's release, and among other things, suffering a loss in a Skulltag deathmatch against Ralph "Ralphis" Vickers, he departed the community in early 2004. Unbeknownst to many, he began to hone his deathmatch skills in secret, as well as improve his mapping skills with the aid of Alex "Apothem" Meyers.

Later that year, Shadowrunner rejoined the community under the guise of Bloodskull, and he and Ralphis went at it again in Skulltag. Supposedly out of random luck, Ralphis uncovered Bloodskull's true identity shortly after the release of Lava Arena Remix.

Other WADs by this community member