Menelkir facing the player in his tomb.

Menelkir, Arch-Mage of the Arcanum, sold out Cronos along with Traductus and Zedek to Korax. He now serves as one of Korax's top lieutenants. He can be battled at any time in the fifth hub, Necropolis. Menelkir is one of the second last bosses in Hexen which the player must defeat before proceeding to the final encounter with Korax. Like Zedek and Traductus, Menelkir uses the fourth weapon of his specific class, in this case the Bloodscourge (as used by the Mage), making him extremely dangerous. The fireballs home in on the player, but can be easily deflected with Discs of Repulsion. Like the other class-bosses in Hexen, Menelkir can move around in erratic strafing-like patterns in battle, making him harder to hit. Menelkir has 800 hit points.
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