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The megaarmor (known as combat armor in the manuals) is an item that appears in the Doom games as a blue military vest (while the light armor is green and known as security armor). When collected, it increases the player's armor percentage to 200. It cannot be collected if the player already has 200 percent armor. When a megaarmor is obtained, the game displays a HUD message, Picked up the megaarmor!.

The megaarmor will absorb one half (½) of all damage received, rounded down, until it is fully depleted.

If a player that had last picked up a megaarmor is damaged to less than 100 percent armor, then they are able to pick up a green armor. If they do so, the megaarmor is replaced by the weaker armor which absorbs less damage per hit. Because of this, it is generally wise to avoid picking up green armor in this case. If the player picks up an armor bonus, however, the protection of the megaarmor will remain.

This item is not counted in the items percentage displayed at the end of each level.

Megaarmor data
Thing type2019 (decimal), 7E3 (hex)
Appears inShareware Doom
Registered Doom
Ultimate Doom
Doom II/Final Doom

Comparison with the standard armor

Since the megaarmor takes one half of all damage it is faster depleted than the standard armor, which absorbs only one third of the damage. This can be easily tried out by firing a rocket in a wall directly in front of the player. Without armor the player will take the full blast damage of 128. With the standard armor on, the armor takes one-third (⅓) of the damage, i.e. 42, and the player takes the remaining 86 points of damage. With the megaarmor on the armor absorbs 64 hit points and the player takes the remaining 64 hit points.

Appearance statistics

The IWADs contain the following numbers of megaarmors per skill level:

The Ultimate Doom333231
Doom II: Hell on Earth202019
TNT: Evilution232626
The Plutonia Experiment313132

Doom RPG

In Doom RPG, the megaarmor is called a combat suit. It increases the player's armor rating by 50 units.

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