The Mecha Zombie is a new enemy in Doom Eternal. It is seen Countless times in Trailer videos and gameplay. It is a very small threat to skilled and non-skilled players. It can be dealt with very easily. It is much more dangerous in groups, so make sure to not get distracted.


The Mecha Zombie looks like a zombie except it has many and has gotten multiple cybernetic enhancements like the railgun on its right arm and the claws on the left hand. it appears to be very heavy.
IMG E0194-2-

Mecha Zombie full appearance.


It has a couple of attacks that can catch you off guard here they are:

  • Its cannon has two firing modes
  • 1 is a flamethrower used at close to mid-range
  • 2 is a blaster cannon with decent distance (Aka DD)
  • Uses its claws of its left hand to claw you doing small damage
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