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The Mecha Zombie is a stronger variant of the regular Zombie. It was introduced in Doom Eternal.


The Mecha Zombie is notably taller than its normal counterpart and has obvious signs of machine enhancement around its body. The most obvious difference being the arm cannon that has been grafted to the zombie. It also possesses a metal claw on its left arm, a pair of red eyes, metal feet, and other mechanical additions in various places.

Combat Analysis[]

Mecha Zombies pose a greater challenge than regular Zombies. Their arm cannon serves as a rapid-fire energy weapon at long distances (though it is inaccurate), and a flamethrower at close range. When next to the Slayer, the Mecha Zombie will swipe at them with their claw on left hand.

Outside of its increased arsenal, the Mecha Zombie possesses the same flaws as its lesser brethren. It is very slow, and while capable of taking a higher amount of damage compared to normal zombies, they can still be killed with relative ease. Non-headshot Sticky Bombs and Precision Bolt shots will instantly stagger them, making them good targets for a quick glory kill, while headshots will instantly kill them.