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See those bars under the gun? That's the Meat Hook.

The Meat Hook is a new weapon attachment featured in Doom Eternal.[1]


The Meat Hook is part of the new Super Shotgun, resembling a large pincer beneath the barrels. When used, it shoots out on a sturdy chain, allowing the Doom Slayer to grab distant demons. If it touches a monster, it will quickly retract its chain, pulling the Slayer towards the grabbed victim and setting up an easy blast from the Super Shotgun.

In addition to its general utility in combat and occasional traversal, the Meat Hook plays a crucial role in the battle against the Khan Maykr on Urdak. When the Khan is stunned after having her shields depleted, the Doom Slayer must use the Meat Hook to grapple up to her and strike with a Blood Punch; this is the only way to lower her health.

Two of the Super Shotgun's upgrades affect the Meat Hook. The Quick Hook upgrade reduces the recharge time by 25%, allowing the Doom Slayer to use the hook more frequently. The weapon's Mastery upgrade, Flaming Hook, allows it to briefly ignite foes by grabbing them with the Meat Hook, enabling the Slayer to gain Armor Shards by quickly hitting them.

Additionally, across levels, there are usually objects called Meathook Nodes (sometimes floating in the air) that are able to be hooked onto with the Meathook, allowing fast air travel around the level, and to also gain a height advantage in combat. Some are needed to find secrets or complete puzzles.


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