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Maykr Drones

The Maykr Drones is a new type of enemy in Doom Eternal.


It looks like Khan Maykr, but smaller and has a darker tone. While they have individual personalities, they are eventually bound to serve the Khan Maykr as extensions of her will.

Combat Characteristics

Maykr Drones are fodder-class enemies that attack from range with rapid barrages of golden bullets. If the Doom Slayer gets close, they will lash out around them with whips of light.

Notably for a fodder enemy, Maykr Drones have a heavily armored body and can take a significant amount of damage before dying. The head is a weak point and if this is destroyed the Drone will explode in a shower of health and ammo pickups: a single shot from the Heavy Cannon's Precision Bolt mod is sufficient to do this. The target is small and Maykr Drones are quite skittish, and if the player is having trouble the Chrono Strike Rune's "bullet time" when jumping can be used to give more of a chance to line up a shot.


  • Maykr Drones are the final normal enemy to be encountered in Doom Eternal.
  • The Maykr Drones that appear during the boss battle against the Khan Makyr have a unique red robe.
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