The Maykr Drone is a brand new enemy in Doom Eternal. Servants of the Khan Maykr, they serve as a late-game threat to the Slayer's quest to cease the demonic invasion of Earth.

In-Game Description


Urdak's population is mainly comprised of Drones, beings that exist as extensions of the Khan Maykr's will. Though each is endowed with their own unique identity they remain biologically unable to resist a command from their Khan, and so function in a perfectly synchronized colony system. Drones never leave Urdak, their bodies not yet mature enough to avoid harm while crossing dimensions.


The Maykr Drone has a vaguely humanoid shape, though it completely lacks arms and floats above the ground. Tentacles can be seen drooping out from under the Drones robes. The robes themselves are made of Maykr technology, which provides them with their higher than normal defenses to the body. During the battle against the Khan Maykr, a unique variant of the Maykr Drone with red robes will patrol the battlefield.

Combat Analysis

In spite of their designation as a fodder class enemy, the Maykr drone possesses an unprecedented amount of bulk. Its protective hide grants the Maykr Drone defenses bordering that of the Hellified Soldiers shield. The Drone will hover around the battlefield, shooting quick bursts of yellow light at the Slayer from a distance. Up close, the Drone will spin quickly as tendrils of golden energy whip the Slayer.

However, Maykr Drone's possess a significant weakness. Their head is not only vulnerable to damage but if the killing shot is a headshot, the Maykr Drone will drop a payload of health and ammo, making them very useful for a Slayer in a pinch. The Precision Bolt upgrade on the Heavy Cannon can kill a Drone in one shot, making it a near vital weapon for removing the Drone from the battlefield quickly. They can be somewhat difficult to hit, however, as they will dance out of the way of the Slayer's aim. The Chrono Strike Rune is quite useful in landing that single shot, so using it when they are around is recommended.


  • Oddly, Maykr Drones are encountered during a Slayer Gate challenge, despite their Codex Entry stating they aren't strong enough to leave Urdak.


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