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Maykr Angels are high ranking Maykrs who served as speakers for the Khan Maykr. They are distinguished by their Orator Rings, golden halos fused to their armor as a symbol of their status and rank. The Angels are assigned as independent advisors and overseers to Maykr-controlled worlds, and are usually gathered in Conclaves or at the summons of the Khan Maykr.[1]

The Makyr Angels are not directly fought in Doom Eternal, but there are Hell-corrupted variants known as Blood Maykrs fought in The Ancient Gods - Part One DLC.


  • The Maykr Angel that greets Doomguy looks vaguely similar to the one that he saw in the flashbacks of Doom (2016), with exposed teeth and covered eyes.
  • The Orator rings fused to the armor of Maykr Angels at shoulder level resemble the golden halo surrounding the heads of holy figures in Christian art - which might relate to the supposed influence the Maykr race has had on Abrahamic religions during their contact with Earth in the distant past.