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Martian Buddy is a fictional internet company featured in Doom 3', and players can see continuous spam on emails found on specific people's PDAs.

In the course of game, players will encounter two Martian Buddy storage lockers. Players had to go to the Martian Buddy website to get the combination for the two Martian Buddy storage lockers.[1] In 2012, following the release of the BFG Edition, this code is written on the title of the message, since the Martian Buddy website has been taken down and replaced with a Store page for Bethesda Softworks. Both Martian Buddy storage lockers are the only two lockers in the game to have a code longer than 3 digits.

The storage lockers are found in Administration, and Delta Labs Level 2B. Administration's Martian Buddy locker contains a Chaingun and an Ammo belt with it. Delta Labs Level 2B's contains a BFG 9000. Both lockers also have security armor inside.

It emerges that the Martian Buddy address is used to obscure the identity of groups warning employees of Betruger's plans via e-mails found on their PDAs, and to smuggle the combat-oriented contents through the Martian Buddy lockers.

In Resurrection of Evil, the Martian Buddy mascot has its own point-and-shoot minigame, where the player has to shoot asteroids (with a weapon that looks like the classic BFG) to protect themselves and collect the Martianbuddies.

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  1. The website shows the locker code as 0508
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