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Mars Core is the seventh level of the campaign in Doom Eternal.


With the help of Samuel Hayden, the final Hell Priest has been located on Sentinel Prime - a city from your past. The only known path to this accursed place is through the dimensional gateway hidden in the core of Mars, wherein the lost city of Hebeth resides. The journey there will take time you can't afford to lose - a dilemma which calls for a more... direct approach.


  • Shoot a hole in Mars
    • Get to the BFG-10000
    • Retrieve the power source
  • Evacuate the Phobos base
  • Reach the portal
    • Use the Ion Catapult
    • Get to the escape pod

Mission challenges

  • Big Ba-Da Boom - Kill 40 Demons with a very big gun.
  • Disarmament - Destroy 3 arm cannon Weak Points on Mancubi.
  • Lock and Key - Find the Slayer Key.

Quick Travel Points

  • Phobos
    • Phobos Teleport Station
    • BFG-10000 Gun Deck
    • BFG-10000 Ventilation
  • UAC
    • UAC Outpost LD
  • Meteor
    • Alpha Labs
    • Martian Chunks
    • UAC Transmission Tower
    • Delta Labs
  • Hell
    • Temple of Sin


Icon Name Description Gamer Score Trophy
Interplanetary Fracking.png Interplanetary Fracking Blow a hole in Mars 20 Bronze



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