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Private Mark "The Kid" Dantalian, is the youngest member of the Rapid Response Tactical Squad and one of the supporting characters in the 2005 film Doom.


Although The Kid is emotionally vulnerable and tends to show inexperience, he is shown to be enthusiastic and dedicated to his job. He is first seen reading a book and, moments later, RRTS leader Sarge announces he has become a member of the group.

When the group arrives at the Olduvai Research Facility on Mars, The Kid is paired with Destroyer and the two search through the office of one of the missing scientists, Dr. Todd Carmack. The Kid is startled by a sudden moving object and shoots aimlessly at it. After the RRTS finds Dr. Carmack alive, The Kid is paired with Dean Portman. Whilst searching for the airlock, The Kid is given narcotics to calm down as he is visibly shaken by Dr. Carmack's condition and Portman taunting him about Carmack ripping his ear off.

When he is paired with Reaper, The Kid begins blurting aloud how he also lost his parents at a young age. Reaper notices The Kid's eyes are dilated as a result of taking the drugs Portman gave him. Reaper warns The Kid not to take the drugs again. The Kid and the rest of the group return to Earth after the Hell Knight breaks through the Arc door and kills a vast majority of the employees of the facility. However, The Kid discovers a group of survivors, mostly women and children. He relays this back to Sarge, who scolds him for neglecting to clear the sector. Being the youngest member and thus, the least exposed to horrors of war, The Kid objects to the idea of killing innocent people. Sarge kills The Kid after he tells him to "Go to Hell". This act of murder, which left the RRTS audibly shaken, serves as the catalyst for Reaper turning against Sarge.