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Marcus "Pinky" Pinzerowski was a technician on the Mars Olduvai Research Facility in the 2005 film Doom.


Pinky was dedicated much of his life to study of the Ark teleporter. During an early experiment with the device, Pinky lost his legs when they were teleported to a different, unknown destination than the rest of his body. After the incident, he had a bionic wheelchair grafted to his torso.

Doom pinky 2

Pinky as a Demon.

During the mutant outbreak on Mars, Pinky was assigned to coordinate the RRTS's communications. Becoming involved with the action against his will, he was attacked and dragged away by a mutant and later turns into a monster, who is then slain by Reaper.


  • Pinky's transformation is a play on his nickname based on the Pinky demon depicted in Doom 3.
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