Marauder concept art, depicting him with a "Argent Battle-Axe" and a Super Shotgun.

"You are nothing but a usurper - a false idol." - The Maurader addresses the Doom Slayer.

The Marauder is a mysterious demonic entity, and the secondary antagonist in the upcoming game Doom Eternal. He shares a suspiciously striking resemblance to the Doom Slayer.

Little is known about the Marauder currently. However, it has been confirmed that the Marauder has some deeper connection to the Doom Slayer, which may explain the intriguing similarity of his armor to the Slayer's Praetor Suit.

It has also been confirmed that the Marauder will be a playable monster in Doom Eternal's BATTLEMODE game type.


The Marauder as he appears in the second trailer for Doom Eternal.


  • The Marauder bears some resemblance to Death Knight from the Quake games.
  • If one were to peer at his chest in the second Doom Eternal trailer, a series of dark purplish veins seem to eminate from where the red light on his chestpiece rests. It may imply that some parts of the armor - or at least, that particular piece - is fused to his very body.

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