This stage is the true final boss battle and is only accessible in New Game Plus mode. The player will enter this map automatically after defeating Leandrus Final Form.

Completing this stage will unlock the secret weapon called the Doomer Kannon.

Average Payout - 9,000 credits

Boss Strategy: Leandrus Normal Form

Immediately use Clock Freeze and take cover to avoid his spell that seals off all the player's abilities. Summon whatever allies are left, and do not enter Leandrus's line of sight. Be warned that Clock Freeze will not freeze Leandrus, it will only stop his attacks from moving. He possesses a large number of different attacks, some of which are similar to the player's: Dark Vortex, Unleash, and a variation of Iron Prison that uses stone pillars. He can send a cloud of red orbs that do low damage. His most dangerous attack however is a fast energy beam that can kill the player even if time is frozen. Losing to Leandrus here results in the bad ending.

It will be impossible to injure Leandrus at first because he regenerates health instantly. The player must target the seven red orbs held inside broken columns, each of which is worth 100 credits when destroyed. With the orbs gone, Leandrus is vulnerable. Stay at a distance, run behind cover as needed, and hit him with Electric Destruction, Gas Grenade, Dragonfire, and whatever legendary weapons are available. If he uses Unleash, do a double jump to avoid the flames. Getting close to Leandrus is not advised, as he will respond with his beam attack.

Throughout the battle, health and mana potions will constantly spawn. When Leandrus is finally killed, they will stop spawning, making it possible to get a full item count.

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