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This is the final boss stage, and the final stage of the game not counting secret levels. It is a fairly straightforward Doom boss map, where the player is given a large quantity of weapons and ammo and then sent to confront the boss.

Average Payout: 6,000 credits


1. The walls to the right and left after stepping off the starting pedestal can be opened to reveal a teleporter to a weapon room.  The secret will not be tagged until the player teleports back into the chapel.


60 In the northeast and northwest corners of the chapel are areas barred off by columns.  Rocket jump over them, then double jump into the corner to find a teleporter to a long vertical shaft.  The ring is at the top in the center.  The easiest way to get it is to grenade + mine jump into the highest alcove, to the west, and then just double jump for the ring.

Boss Strategy

The player will fight Leandrus in two stages.  In his human form, he will run around and use railgun, lightning storm, machine gun, and summoned clone attacks.  However, he is easier to avoid and easier to hit than Mephiles from Map28, and the same strategy can be used on him.  First summon the Heaven Guard to distract him and chip away at his health.  Wait for him to show himself, use Clock Freeze, and then run up and drop a Gas Grenade straight down at his feet.  If this catches him, it will stunlock him.  Do not neglect to run around and collect the sixteen potions around the room.

When the first form of Leandrus is defeated, the player is teleported to a floating arena to fight his second form.  The most dangerous thing about this fight is that Leandrus emits a gravity field that draws the player towards him, unless the player takes cover or uses Clock Freeze.  His melee attack is capable of instantly killing the player.  His Unleash attack is also dangerous, as it can push the player into the pit.  The best strategy is to hide behind a pillar, since Leandrus doesn't venture far from the center, and summon all allies.  Take potshots at the boss with Gas Grenades and Electric Destruction, but do not stay within his line of sight for long.  While waiting for these abilities to recharge, collect the eight potions near the columns.  To get the achievement "The Final Touch" whittle him down to below 300 HP, then use Clock Freeze and run up and Super Punch him.  Leandrus is worth 6666 XP when killed and drops 6,000 credits.