The Stadium is the third major boss map, and as such is stocked full of ammo of all varieties. The player will first have to contend with some nightmare demons, which blend in with the dim lighting. The actual battle takes place in a wide open area, though the goals can be used for cover.

Average Payout: 2,200 credits


1. Go to the northwest corner of the hallway, check the automap, and count the third small alcove from the left on the top side of the center structure.  Open the wall and get the food items.


46 It is right in the middle of the stadium.  Use a mine + grenade jump to reach it.  It might be wise to wait until after the boss fight and the event that follows before attempting this.

Boss Strategy

Gallagher is the transforming enemy the player encountered briefly in Map21.  Throughout the fight he will change into various high level enemies and use their attacks.  Heaven Guard can dish out a lot of damage to the boss, as can Dragonfire, Gas Grenade, and Electric Destruction.  Iron Prison is useful to get him to hold still.  When Gallagher is severely damaged, he will begin to fire large streams of seeking plasma balls, so take cover behind the goals.  He gives 1,000 XP when killed, but be prepared to deal with an event immediately after his death.

The player will regain control facing north, and have ten seconds (which are counted up, not down) to run to the bomb located on the west (left) side of the complex.  Use Turbo, and make sure not to run to the east side instead.  Activate the bomb to disarm it.

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