The obligatory sewer level, this map is structured so as to require the Wall Jump to reach other parts of the level. It can be a pain to navigate in some areas because there are long stretches of nukage and only a single radsuit. The player's best bet is to use Turbo and jump repeatedly to minimize contact. Keep armor maxed with Armor Legendary and Orbits, and stand on barrels if needed to let these abilities recharge.

Average Payout: 8,100 credits


1. In the room with the female zombie scientists there's a secret on the east wall.  Press the south side of the nearby blue-marked wall to open the compartment.

2. In the sewer line guarded by hell knights, a plasma rifle is visible through a grating.  To access it, look past the grating opposite the entrance to this area to find a shootable switch.

3. In the same sewer line, behind the mancubus, there is a fake wall in the northeast corner.  Jump through it to collect the items, then teleport out.

4. Past the green door, take the north path at the intersection to a room guarded by revenants.  At the northern ledge, the rightmost nukage drain is a fake wall that the player can walk through.

5. The switch room guarded by zombies and a cacodemon has a grating through which some items are visible.  There's an invisible gap in the grating near the northeast end, which will show up on the automap.  Get up on the ledge and walk through the gap to get some money and armor.

6. Once through the red door, climb up as high as possible in the control room and examine the south wall to the east of the entrance.  Up near the ceiling is a false wall.  Rocket jump to get up there.


42 In the same room as secret #4, the ring is atop the nukage falls in the northeast corner, and can be reached with a combination of rocket and wall jumping.

43 This ring is clearly visible through a grating from the sewer line guarded by hell knights.  When getting the red key later on, the player has to flip two switches to fill the pit with nukage in order to swim across.  Once the room is filled, a side passage with a switch will open near the teleporter at the bottom of the pit.  This opens the secret door leading to the ring, from the hallway connecting the computer rooms where the purple keycard was located.

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