Since this map and the next take place on a moving train, there are a few things to be aware of. Falling off the train means instant death. You will not be able to collect all the items the enemies drop if they are killed over the tracks. Most of the combat takes place in cramped train cars. You are also going to want some means of rocket jumping, as several parts of the map require you to jump on top of the train cars to progress.

The good news is that the level is rather straightforward, it's easy to anticipate where enemies will appear, and there are multiple opportunities to take them out ahead of time with seeking or guided weapons. Electric Bow, Remote Control, Plasma Persecution, and Bone Spirit are highly useful here.

Average Payout: 2,500 credits


1. In the car with the blood demons and the diamond-shaped structure in the center, northwest and southwest corners can be accessed for some items.

2. See above.

3. In the same car, the pillar can be lowered for a health potion.


35 This one is located outside the second-last train car with all the armor bonuses, hovering in midair on the north side.  If you double jump to get it, successfully acquiring the ring teleports you safely back to the car.

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