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As the map name suggests, there's a boss fight at the end. However, there's also a tough encounter at the very beginning of the map with four zombie dementias. The safest way to deal with them is to fire the Electric Bow around the corner and stay out of their line of sight.

Average Payout: 3,800 credits


1. The green keycard is required to open this door. There will be 2 doors leading out of the entry room. Take the one on the right. Make a left turn and open the secret door inside the alcove. The teleporter connects to the two L-shaped areas where the player will have to fight off some red imps to get the items.

2. There are 2 doors on the north of the large lava room. Take the one on the left and find a switch amidst the flames. Then run back around and take the door on the right. A secret to the right of the doorway has opened, although there's an enemy lying in ambush.

3. After finding secret #2, get back to the upper level of the same room and go through the door to the north to collect some health.


29 After defeating the Cyberdemon, get the Double Jump boots but don't hit the exit switch just yet. Backtrack to the teleporter and there will be another teleporter behind it that leads to a secret room with the ring. Use the new Double Jump ability to scale the platforms to get it.

Boss Strategy[]

The Cyberdemon will rise up when the player crosses the trigger line into the square central area from the path. Immediately hit it with Iron Prison and then use Dragonfire, Gas Grenade, and Blizzard if available. Stacking enough damage on top of it can actually stunlock it. Without these abilities, the player's best bet is to quickly retreat back to the teleporter and hide against the right wall facing the Cyberdemon so that its rockets hit the corner. The boss is worth only 250 XP.