This map is loosely modeled after Map01: Staging Area of Doom 64, although it plays very differently and has far more deadly ambushes. It helps to keep an eye on the automap for walls that open into monster closets. The player can use Telekinesis through the walls to injure or kill enemies before triggering the walls to open, and can set traps of their own by laying a mine or using Electric Bow.

Average Payout: 3,900 credits


1. Immediately after the entryway room with the cross pattern on the floor, but before rounding the corner to the south, check the south wall for a secret area.

2. The other two secrets are in the very next hallway. To open the one on the west side, go to the red key room and find the embedded control panel that is different from the others, and then activate it.

3. To open the secret on the east of the same hall, go to the green key room and do the same thing.

Secret Enemy

In the entryway room with the cross pattern, look up to see the night sky outside. If the player already has the double jump from Map14, it's possible to get up there by opening Secret #1, jumping back up to the ledge, and double jumping onto the platform that temporarily lowers. Otherwise the player can rocket jump out there to get to the rooftop area. Stepping into the alcove to the south will cross a trigger line that will open an alcove to the north and release the unique enemy, the Sub-Zero Zombie. It is one of two secret enemies that must be defeated to unlock the Tank ally.


28 In the lava room through the green door, look up at the wall to the west for a false wall with a hidden passage behind it. This requires a very tricky rocket jump to reach, although getting out only takes a strafe run jump.

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