The Archers Forest is one of the most difficult and frustrating maps in Prodoomer due to all the hidden archer knights scattered among the trees where the player cannot see them but they can see the player. Players must take extreme caution advancing through this map, as the archers have nearly 100% accuracy and can kill the player instantly. There are several possible survival strategies.

  • Recruit every ally available beforehand, which should be everything up to the Sentinel. Then upon reaching the platform with the Sniper Rifle, summon every ally into the forest to begin hunting down the archers.
  • Purchase the Electric Bow ability for the Crossbow and take advantage of its heat seeking to probe the forest and take out the archers before they acquire line of sight.
  • Stay crouched to reduce the chances of being hit. If there is a repeated "thwack" sound of arrows hitting a nearby surface without the player taking damage, then stop moving immediately and search for the source.
  • If there is a direct visual on an enemy, use ballistic weapons like the Sniper Rifle to hit them before they move out into the open.
  • The archers will be stationed and restricted to the perimeters around the larger trees in the forest, which the automap can help distinguish.

As of v3 the player will acquire a scanner from a wounded soldier. While it won't show the locations of enemies, it will show the locations all four keys.

For the achievement Can't Touch Dis, the easiest way is to come back later with area effect abilities that can wipe out all the archers. The items are mostly placed on the roads, not between the trees.

Average Payout: 1,600 credits


1. Upon entering the first tunnel leading from the starting area, check the wall to the left for a secret area.

2. In the staging area north of the forest, with the arch-viles and imp types, the east corner has a secret door. There is a single enemy guarding the items.


24 From secret #2 rocket jump onto the ledge to the south and collect the ring.

25 Search the southern half of the patch of woods between the green switch tree and the yellow switch tree. It is slightly southeast of a treasure item.

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