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The Caverns are a very cramped map, with many enemies on high perches. The safest way to navigate these caves is to stay close to the walls and move slowly until enemies give themselves away by opening fire. They can then be taken out easily with ballistic weapons.

Average Payout: 2,600 credits


1. The seventh stone column in the passage southwest of the starting point has a box of coins. Either have to rocket jump up there, or jump from the ledge to the north. To get to said ledge, strafe-run and jump from the nearby revenant platform.

2. At the very end of the passage leading west from the starting point is a part that loops around so that the player can reach the path on the other side where the chaingunners were positioned. The central structure in the loop has a secret door on the west side with the Grenade Launcher.

3. Upon reaching the blue keycard door, go right and search the east wall behind where the pain elemental was for a secret door.

4. After getting past the blue keycard door and fliping the switch the arch-vile was guarding, take the west path and search the southern wall between the 3rd and 4th stone pillars for a secret door leading to some crossbow ammo.

5. There is a room with pinky demons just before the paths leading to the two yellow switches. Search the northwest wall of this room for a secret area.


21 In the passage southwest of the starting point is a ring sitting atop a stone column. This one can be easily reached with sandbags.

22 The passage east of the starting point leads to an area with a ring suspended over a lava pit. Carefully time a rocket jump to propel over the pit and snag the ring. Alternately, put sandbags directly beneath the ring and cast Iron Prison on them to create a platform to stand on, then rocket jump straight up from the platform.

23 The passage west of the blue door leads to a room with a ring on a ledge. This ledge is low enough to be reached using sandbags.