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This level can be frustrating due to all the platform jumping, deadly pitfalls, and the parts that require the player to tightrope walk on very thin surfaces. To make matters worse, archers and zombie type enemies can shoot the player from seemingly out of nowhere if they're alerted, as it can be difficult to spot them at a distance. Since the Sniper Rifle isn't available yet, use the Crossbow and dual P228 Pistols, and aim in the direction of enemy muzzle flashes. Since the Crossbow is silent, it can help prevent alerting too many enemies at once. As of Prodoomer v3 the Crossbow has a zoom scope, which helps immensely in this map.

Average Payout: 700


1. To reach this secret, the player will need to get behind the fence atop the easternmost building and maneuver around the thin ledge. Use the second jump pad from the building to the south (not the first, as it's too low) and strafe-run to gain enough momentum. Don't worry about overshooting the fence, as it's impossible to jump over fences in the Doom engine. Edge around and take the teleporter to the secret area.

2. This one is easy to miss. Right behind the exit, there is a ledge far below with the last two counting items. Carefully drop down to collect them. The ledge will raise back up automatically.

Easter Egg[]

Come back with the Wall Jump ability. Check the automap for the larger rooftop on the north edge of the map with a teleporter. It's possible to start either from the location of Ring 14 or Secret #2, but either way the player will have to take a running jump and wall jump on top of any of the square rooftops. From there, it's easy to hop across rooftops to the location of the Easter Egg. The teleporter on this rooftop takes the player back to the location of Ring 14.


13 Shortly after the start the player will have to cross over to a small rooftop, shaped like a plus sign, to press a switch. This building is encircled on 3 sides by the taller building with enemy archers. Rocket jump onto the wall above the switch, then look for a ledge on the taller building with the ring.

14 There is a rooftop to the north of this that has stacks of crates of various sizes. Inside the tallest stack is a teleporter, which requires a rocket jump to reach. This takes the player to a long rooftop with some ammo, but the ring is at the opposite end where there are five square buildings. Rocket jump up to the middle building to get the ring. Getting out of this area safely requires yet another rocket jump, to get on the rooftop above the ammo cache.