This is a relatively dark map that also gives the player numerous opportunities for stealth tactics. The first room is a good place to take a stealthy approach, as all the zombies are facing away from the player and each other. It would be a good idea to go up the stairs to the right first and punch out the chaingunner so he doesn't see the player and alert the others.

Average Payout: 900 credits


1. To reach the display room with all the health bonuses, search the north wall for a secret door. Before leaving this secret, look for a ladder down to the waterway beneath the floor to get a mana potion; this is the most commonly missed item on this map.

2. Push the display switch that shows the readout for the super potion, which shows up shortly before the teleporter, and then run all the way back to the starting room where there is a secret open in the northwest corner. Be warned that there is an enemy inside.

3. After taking the teleporter, search the wall to the left for a secret door that leads to the containment cell for the monster. (While here, rocket jump through the ceiling and navigate to the colored corridor containing a switch, which is necessary to reach the second ring.)


03 In the large room where the player eventually fights the stage boss, climb sandbags or rocket jump up onto the central structure and then jump up to the nukage containment pillar. The pillar can be entered from the north side to find a ring.

04 In the ceiling of the same room is a hole in the grating, but the one near the nukage pillar is probably too high to reach. There's a similar hole in the balcony overlooking the room, right before the final few zombies and the trigger line for the boss. Rocket jump through this hole. Over the eastern side of the boss room is a path leading to a switch, but the player has to rocket jump to get back out. Now go south from the hole and into the colored passage to the east, where there's another switch overlooking the ring itself. The hidden switch in secret #3 is also required, after which the player can return to the room that had the imps and female zombies and collect the ring.

Note: The player must acquire Ring 04 before triggering the boss fight at the end, or the path will be blocked by force fields.

Boss Strategy

The Gigademon is an oversized pinky demon. It has a longer melee reach, but it can still be easily stunned with Fireball and is vulnerable to Decrepify, creating an opening to shoot it. To get the Monster Hunter achievement, come back with the Grenade Launcher, which makes it easy to kill the boss in less than ten seconds. It is worth 99 XP when killed.

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