Near to UAC Base is the starting map of Prodoomer, which the player must complete before they can travel to the orbital city for the first time.

Average Payout: 300 credits

Average NG+ Payout: 1500 credits


1. There is a cave containing a crossbow on the opposite side of the forest from the stage entrance.

2. After getting the dynamite, check the walls in front of the cage for a passage to a teleporter that takes the player back to the demolition site.

Easter Egg

After acquiring the ability to grenade + mine jump, check the high ledges in the forest for hidden indentations. There are two on the north ledge and one on the south. These are actually switches that can be activated by crouching, and they open up a passage in the southeast tunnel. Follow it to the end for a cutscene.


01 This ring is on the high ledge north of the waterfalls, on the northeast side of the forest. The player can reach it by straferun jumping from the platform with the two kamikazes onto a very thin ledge on the wall to the north.

02 This is the ring found in secret #1.


For the achievement DASH IS 2FAST the player can bypass almost the entire level by Turbo running to the corner where the waterfall and land intersect and mine + grenade jumping up the waterfall. Sprint past the enemies (Invisibility or Freeze Time help) jump off the edge past the ice lizard, jump over the fighting marines, and get to the exit.

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