The Mancubus, or Fatso, is a returning demon that will appear in Doom Eternal.

Enemy file

The Mancubus, a hulking behemoth of the demon world, is noteably different from those of its kind first encountered by the UAC expedition team on Mars. Unlike its brethren which had a naturally occuring armored carapace, this variation shows clear signs of modifications. Armor-plating augmentation to its exterior and a sophisticated arm-mounted weapon system indicate a clear intent to upgrade and weaponize the fighting capacity of the Mancubus, whose heavy stature and resilience make it a formidable threat in battle.

Physical Appearance

The Mancubus has been redesigned to look more like the original Mancubus from the classic Doom games. It has less armor, a smaller head, and a more fleshy colored body. It also sports a small radioactive energy core on the middle of its chest.

Combat Characteristics

Its arm cannons can shoot fireballs and utilizes a long-range flame attack. If the player gets too close to the Mancubus then he will slam the ground with his cannons causing a highly damaging puddle to form around the Mancubus, this forces the player to keep their distance when fighting the Mancubus. If the player shoots off the massive cannons on both of its arms then the Mancubus will be forced to use his less powerful ranged attacks.


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