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"Amazing things will happen here soon. Just you wait!"
― Dr. Malcolm Betruger to Elliot Swann, moments before the invasion begins  [src]

Dr. Malcolm Betruger is the main antagonist of Doom 3 and Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil.

One of the UAC's top directors of UAC's research division on Mars, Betruger became corrupted by Hell and plotted with the demonic subjugation of humanity. In Resurrection of Evil, he leads the forces of Hell as the Maledict.


Dr. Betruger is the director of all research at the Union Aerospace Corporation research facility on Mars. He is an elderly, overworked doctor, whose right eye is grayed over with a severe cataract.

An unquestionably brilliant and diligent individual, Dr. Betruger is long known for many of UAC's scientific endeavors, with one of them making teleportation possible. Driven and dedicated to his work, he puts a lot of passion towards reasoning and science, as he dismisses his own scientists' ideas of made up fantasy and criticizes the UAC board for prioritizing on their monetary gains. He takes great pride on his work, demanding perfection from his subordinates as he does for himself, without holding any patience for the layers of bureaucratic red tape that stand between him and his goals.

While respected for his contributions, those who know Dr. Betruger well, hinted a darker side of him. His tireless drive occasionally leads him to megalomania, while his critics state that his overzealous attempts to perfect his experiments blinds him with a complete lack of empathy for human life.[1]

The most sinister twist is when Dr. Betruger secretly teleported himself to Hell to make a pact with the demons. By providing them the Soul Cube (the only object they fear) and the portal to invade Mars City, he was granted supernatural powers that can allow him a degree of omnipotence to command an army of demons. Those close to Dr. Betruger noticed his sudden behavioral changes ever since. Only a few eventually realized what his main plans were, but were not able to spread the word up until the last minute.

Doom 3[]

SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow.

Dr. Betruger is first seen inside the Mars Facility Control Tower, bitterly expecting the arrival of Councilor Elliot Swann by the UAC main Board of Directors. Shortly after arriving, Swann and his bodyguard, Campbell, meet up with the doctor to engage in a heated discussion on the accidents and transfer requests that has been plaguing Mars as of late. Betruger himself, not wanting to waste any more words with the Counselor, informs him "Amazing things will happen here soon. Just you wait!" before leaving.

A short while after the demonic invasion, Swann contacts Dr. Betruger through a telecam. Betruger appears to be unperturbed by the events that is happening around him, and smugly tells Swann that he'll "handle" the situation.

Some time later, the Marine arrives at the Recycling Sector 2. Dr. Betruger then establishes a video connection with the Marine directly and reveals himself as the main culprit of starting the invasion. Depending if the Marine either sends or cancels the distress call to Earth, Betruger either mocks him for playing into his hands or announces he can alert the Fleet himself with no trouble. Betruger reveals his plans to have the demons take control of the Fleet once they arrive, in order to spread the invasion to Earth. Ensuring the Marine's death before having the chance to stop him, Betruger then floods the Recycling Sector with toxic gases in an unsuccessful attempt to kill the Marine.

Over the course of the Marine's journey to the Delta Labs, Betruger constantly mocks the Marine that he will not survive long, while summoning demons to hinder his progress in locating the Soul Cube. Eventually, Betruger waits in the main teleporter room, setting up a trap for the Marine. He activates the portal, bringing two Hell Knights to confront him, before reactivating the portal to directly send the Marine to Hell.

With the Marine in Hell, Betruger further mocks him that he will forever be stuck here, enduring eternal pain and suffering. Ultimately, the Marine succeeds in finding the Soul Cube and takes it back to Mars, sealing the main portal as a result. Betruger, however, opens another Hell-hole in the Caverns, and with the Fleet soon approaching, he is confident his plans to invade Earth will succeed. The Marine eventually travels to the Caverns, defeating the Cyberdemon and having the Soul Cube seal Betruger's last portal before the Fleet arrives. Five days later, a team of marines and sentry bots arrive at the facility. They rescue the Marine, but are unable to locate Betruger. Betruger is later revealed to be in Hell, demonically transformed as a large skeletal dragon-like demon.

Resurrection of Evil[]

Sixteen months after the events of Doom 3, a different Marine, a combat engineer assigned to the UAC's second research expedition to Mars, finds the Artifact at the Site 1 dig site. He takes hold of the Artifact and inadvertently triggers another demonic invasion of Mars. Betruger, now in his Maledict form, sends the Hell Hunters to retrieve the Artifact from the Marine. After the Hunters are defeated and their essences are absorbed into the Artifact, the Marine takes the Artifact to Hell, the only place where it can be destroyed.

After fighting his way through Hell's demonic forces, the Marine confronts the Maledict. Deriding the Marine as a "mortal," Betruger proceeds to challenge him. After a long battle, the demonic leader attempts to land a killing blow on the Marine, rendering him unconscious. Betruger demands that he hands over the Artifact. The Marine proceeds to forcefully shove the Artifact into Betruger's mouth, causing the demonic monster to completely dissipate into nothing, until it remains the human skull of the former doctor, destroying him for good.

Doom: Annihilation[]


Malcolm Betruger in Doom: Annihilation

In Doom: Annihilation, Betruger is portrayed by Dominic Mafham. His role in the movie is much the same as it is in the games. Unlike in the game, however, he is not blind in one eye nor is he bald. His personality is also slightly different, in that he initially portrays himself as an ally of the protagonists, before eventually revealing his true nature. Furthermore, his motives for aligning himself with the demons are somewhat different. Whereas in the game, Betruger's sole motive is to gain power for himself, the movie's version of Betruger genuinely believes that the demons are the rightful owners of Earth.

Demon Betruger Movie

The resurrected Betruger in Doom: Annihilation

In the movie, Betruger is transformed into a Demon immediately after being shot dead by Joan, claiming that she "cannot kill what is already dead". His appearance is nearly identical to his human form, apart from a gaping hole in his chest and a grey skin. He also seems to have gained telekinetic abilities, which he uses to push Joan into the Gate leading to Hell. Unlike in the games, Dr. Betruger not only survives the events of the film, but seemingly succeeds in bringing the demons to Earth.


  • Malcolm's surname comes from the German word "Betrüger" which means "deceiver", "cheater", or "swindler". It also sounds like the English word "betrayer". Both descriptions fit his characterization as a treacherous and deceitful antagonist.
  • Dr. Reinhard from Evil Dead: Regeneration has several similarities to Betruger. In addition to looking similar (with a solid white eye), both were said to have been good before their pacts with evil. They also have German names.
  • If on the first level, if you use cheat codes to enter the room where Betruger is, he will be identified as "Joe" - the name for all NPCs the player is not supposed to be able to interact with. He has no lines and will not speak with you.
    • By using this method, he can be killed but this will not affect the storyline in any manner,
    • Curiously, upon closer inspection, it is revealed that he was looking at a screen of the Soul Cube.
  • According to the Making of Doom III book, many of Betruger's lines and actions were to be performed by General Hayden, the commander of the military on Mars. Hayden was meant to be the assumed villain, and only later on in the game would it be revealed that Betruger was the true mastermind behind the invasion. Later, the developers decided to remove Hayden's character entirely, and establish Betruger as the villain early on in the game.
  • Betruger and Mr. White (Area 51 game) are equivalent (they're bald and almost have the same outfit).
  • In Resurrection of Evil, Betruger's blind eye appears to have changed from his right eye to his left eye.
  • Betruger is the first human antagonist in the Doom series.
  • In Betruger's office a picture of the so-called Face on Mars can be seen on a wall, which is believed by some to be the remains of an ancient Martian civilization. This fits with the setting of ancient ruins found on Mars in Doom 3, though is probably just a joke of the developers, and not a part of the background story.
  • His face and voice are a homage to the actor Sir Anthony Hopkins, who played Dr. Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal.
  • Betruger is referenced during Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods, Part One, as in the Blood Swamps, there is a castle found in the level named Betruger Castle.

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