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The Maggot is an enemy unique to Doom 3 that bears close resemblance to Imps.

They are demons that have two heads, each having long black tongues, and their back is hunched, consisting of two large, tumor-like bloody stumps with retracting barbed bones protruding from them. Maggots appear to possess five limbs, although they also have the habit of walking upright on its back limbs. Each hand on their limbs has a different shape: one is nothing more than a flat stump, one is a pinching claw and one is a simple human-styled hand. Maggots emit a strange eccentric babbling or muttering sound when spotting the player, and generally make hisses or rarely loud wails when they are present.

Maggots make their debut in Alpha Labs Sector 1, where the player encounters a torn up carcass that was pulled up to the ceiling. Upon the player's presence, the carcass begins to scream frantically, causing several Maggots to show up from different spots of the room and surround the player.

Combat characteristics[]

Only able to perform melee attacks, Maggots either rush up to the player to rend at them with their claws or perform a long-range leap which can cause significant damage and is nearly impossible to dodge.

Tactical analysis[]

Despite their resemblance to Imps, they are not known to leap as much and are even weaker. However, as they are lot smaller and more mobile, Maggots have a tendency to run up to the player on the back legs then quickly crouch back down, to present themselves as smaller targets. As they have low health, the general strategy is to simply aim a little lower with the Shotgun when they charge, or to take them out from range with either Machine Gun or Pistol before they can close in towards the player.

Time management is need to take down a Maggot. If left unattended for a while, Maggots are prone to charging right at the player, which can do serious damage. They can also pose a threat if they come in packs (although this is quite rare). In this situation, the Shotgun is quite effective to take them out. However, timing is crucial, as multiple Maggots may close in around the player, ultimately cornering him. Alternatively, if the player wishes to maintain distance, the Machine Gun and the Chaingun is effective in taking down a horde of them.