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"The MG-88 Enforcer delivers a high rate of fire and dependable accuracy when fired in short bursts. Standard Marine Infantry issue."
PDA Description [src]

The Machine Gun, also known as the MG-88 Enforcer, is a weapon introduced in Doom 3, drawing inspiration from the Chaingun in the classic games. It is essentially an assault rifle, with a large magazine size, high rate of fire, and great accuracy. Its default key is 4. The Machine Gun uses ammunition from clips.

While the Pistol, Machine Gun, and Chaingun all fire bullets, they do not use the same caliber and thus do not share the same ammo pool, as in earlier Doom games.

The ammo counter is on the weapon itself and not on the game HUD - similar to the Chaingun, Plasma Rifle, and BFG 9000. Also, unique to the Machine Gun is that it has a built-in "buzzer" alarm which activates when the current clip has been reduced to 10 bullets, suggesting the user to reload. The Chaingun also has this built in alarm.

Tactical use

A blueprint of the Machine Gun

The Machine Gun is excellent in medium to long range combat against lightly armored foes. Zombies make the best targets, being slow and weak. The Machine Gun is also effective at taking down hordes of lesser demons, such as Trites, Cherubs and Lost Souls. The Machine Gun is most effective against Z-Secs (aside from those armed with Riot Shields) as it takes down them down quicker than the pistol, especially when they are hiding behind cover. In a tight spot, Machine Guns are good against Maggots and Imps as well.

While a very versatile weapon, the Machine Gun has its drawbacks. Each bullet does a lot less damage than the pistol. Therefore, it isn't effective against tougher enemies such as Demons or Commandos in close range, as they can easily withstand a couple of bullets before rushing in to finally attack you. The Machine Gun also burns through its magazine quickly, requiring you to reload the weapon occasionally before every firefight.

Overall, while the Shotgun is an ideal defensive weapon for close range, the Machine Gun is an ideal defensive weapon for mid to long range scenarios, whenever an enemy surprises the player from a distance.


  • An assault rifle was originally going to be used in the original Doom game. First-person sprites for it exist in both the 0.4 and 0.5 alphas. Its 0.4 appearance appears to have been a modernized MP40 (an obvious callback to Wolfenstein) but its later 0.5 appearance is similar to some sort of 7.62mm Assault Rifle.
  • In Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil, it's now the main starting weapon in Multiplayer, while the pistol acts as the Sidearm.
  • The Machine Gun is probably based on the FN P90 personal defense weapon, with an UAC design. Strangely, the in-game weapon only has rear sight notches up the front, with no front sight present on the gun, making them unviable outside of close quarter combat.
    • In reality, such weapon with aesthetics cannot be used for long range combat.
  • Although the Marine is commonly seen with the Shotgun in most cutscenes, only few instances depict him holding a Machine Gun. He is seen holding it on the introductory cutscenes of the Wraith, Revenant, and the Hell Knight. He also holds it in Monorail: Facility Transport, in the cutscene where the tram crashes.
  • The model of the Machine gun has three barrels present in a similar arrangement (albeit compacted) to the Nailgun from Quake, however this does not affect the firing rate or amount of fired projectiles.
  • With only 9 points of damage per shot, the Machine Gun is the weakest weapon in the game in terms of damage output. Even a punch does more damage than a single headshot from the Machine Gun (though the latter's high rate of fire quickly compensates for the low damage).