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MAP39: Final Judgement is the sixth and final map of The Lost Levels in Doom 64.


Map of MAP39

This level places and respawns some of the crucial powerups like Invulnerability in randomzed areas. There are 3 Demon Keys to get and it is required, meaning that you will be able to use the Unmaker at its fullest power. You start off the level with all of the collectible weapons, minus the berserk. Yes, this includes the Unmaker. Upon reaching the teleporter, you will see an invulnerability power-up, backpack, a lot of ammo, and a switch. Collect the backpack first. Then, the ammunition. Then, the Invulnerability and immediately the switch to open up the walls. While in Invulnerability mode, you can either use this time to dispatch as many enemies as you can OR go straight for the Demon Keys with this short amount of time while pummeling through enemies quickly. There is a Cyberdemon in the beginning of the level, which can be used for quick monster infighting as long as you keep moving. The true goal is to find out where the 3 Demon Keys are located to open the door to the final boss. In harder levels, each time you collect a Demon Key, a Cyberdemon appears. Up to 4 Cyberdemons can be fought in this level, including the beginning. You can collect the keys in any order:

  • The Blue Demon Key is located north of the map, slightly east and close to the Demon Key switch. You need to reach the northeast most part of the map. Choose the left door to the stairway leading to the key. Clear out the Nightmare Imps in this room.
  • The Yellow Demon Key is located in the Southeasten most part of the map. There are 2 ways toi get this:
    • On the central east part of the map, you will see a stairway on the right that curves left. Clear out the Nightmare imps on this room.
    • On the southern most part of the map, you will see a cave. Going right will lead you to a teleporter that leads to the room.
  • The Purple Demon Key is located in the aouthwest most part of the map. You can only approach this by teleporters:
    • There is a small passageway next to the southern caves slightly west of it.
    • The cave south. Go to the left to find teleporter.

When you get the 3 Demon keys, you are able to open the 3 locked doors in the northern part of the map. Opening all 3 of them unlocks the final switch necessary to open the door to the Resurrector, which is indeed the same battle style as the Mother Demon. Due to the levels' structure, this is a much easier fight:

  • The level itself is narrow on space, thus her wide attacks are going to get blocked. If you decide to force her and the Cyberdemon(s) to infight, the Cyberdemon will win due to that plus non-immunity to blast damage.
  • There are at least 2 Invulnerability Power-ups in the level; one in the beginning and the other elsewhere. You can also backtrack to the first Invulnerability power-up unlike in the Absolution.
  • You already have a fully-powered Unmaker before fighting her. While the original campaign have the 3 Demon Keys as optional, you are required to get all 3 keys to unlock the door that opens the door to the Resurrector.

You can instantly kill the Resurrector with just the Unmaker before she enters the teleporter by going to the gap immediately after the doors are opened and just blast through the Unmaker, as long as you have around 150 plasma cells. To reduce even more concerns with this method, her flame trail cannot go through the gaps, marking you safe from any of her attacks. The level ends immediately upon killing the Resurrector.  


There are no secrets in this level.


Map data

Things 334
Vertices 1651
Linedefs 1907
Sidedefs 2791
Sectors 204


Monsters BG and BIO IOD WMD
Shotgun guys 10 21 15
Nightmare Imps 25 46 46
Arachnotrons 4 7 9
Pain Elementals 1 2 7
Mancubi 11 13 12
Cyberdemons 1 2 4
Resurrectors 1 1 1
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