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This level occupies the map slot MAP37. For other maps which occupy this slot, see Category:MAP37.

MAP37: Wretched Vats is the fourth map of The Lost Levels in Doom 64.


Doom64 MAP37

Map of MAP37


  1. In the room with the Red Key, the wall to the right of the demon face tile is misaligned. Open it to collect two boxes of rockets, energy cells, and the Plasma Rifle.
  2. In the room with four columns behind the Red Door, one of the columns has a switch that will lower it to reveal a Chainsaw.
  3. After heading down to the far end of the room and activating the switch that reveals the Blue Key, take a right to get outside. Go to where the bars are and open the wall in front of you to collect a Megaarmor.
  4. On the upper level of the Yellow Key room, to the right of the door is a wall with two chains on it. Examine it to find a Soulsphere.


Map data[]

Things 793
Vertices 2917
Linedefs 3671
Sidedefs 5246
Sectors 450


Monsters BG and BIO IOD WMD
Shotgun guys 16 23 27
Imps 31 37 28
Nightmare Imps 20 32 63
Demons 3 3 3
Spectres 4 6 6
Lost Souls 7 11 24
Cacodemons 0 4 4
Hell Knights 14 20 24
Barons of Hell 2 4 5
Arachnotrons 11 15 19