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MAP36: Doom64 Museum is the 36th level of Doom 64 TC and the first of a pair of demo maps, available via the menu entry "PLAY DEMO MAP". It gives you access to all available weapons and powerups, and demonstrates a few engine features (animated sky, tinted sectors, dynamic light sources etc.).

This level occupies the map slot MAP36. For other maps which occupy this slot, see Category:MAP36.



D64TC MAP36 map

Nothing special to mention – this map is hardly a challenge. There are just a few connected nearly cubic rooms. You can grab all available weapons and ammo types, all available powerups and keys. There is even the Unmaker with all three demon keys appearing once you take it.

After you took the Invulnerability sphere, test the weapons against the caged Cacodemons. When you took the keys, open the doors to face demons or spectres. Continue and enjoy the pretty colorful sectors, then enter the exit teleporter to access the next demo map – MAP37: Death Labs

100% Completion[]


1 Demon, 2 Spectres, 3 Cacodemons


One of each - except for three megaspheres. To collect all, start with those of lower values (or get hurt to lower your amount). To get the megasphere between the two key doors, punch or shoot the pedestal it is placed on.


Probably none.


Routes and tricks[]



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