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This level occupies the map slot MAP36. For other maps which occupy this slot, see Category:MAP36.

MAP36: Cold Grounds is the third map of The Lost Levels in Doom 64.


Doom64 MAP36

Map of MAP36


  1. When you reach the Yellow switch, you see a Soulsphere. Go to the room with the bars blocking the left and right, and press the switch to reveal the wall behind it. Press another switch inside to open the wall to your right containing a medikit, a box of rockets, and a Hell Knight. There's a teleporter behind a fake wall near the rockets that leads you to the Soulsphere.


Map data[]

Things 508
Vertices 2217
Linedefs 2757
Sidedefs 4003
Sectors 288


Monsters BG and BIO IOD WMD
Zombiemen 9 9 15
Shotgun guys 15 21 21
Imps 13 17 23
Nightmare Imps 15 19 20
Demons 16 22 22
Cacodemons 11 12 19
Hell Knights 11 16 16
Barons of Hell 1 2 3
Arachnotrons 7 8 8
Pain Elementals 0 1 3