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This level occupies the map slot MAP35. For other maps which occupy this slot, see Category:MAP35.

MAP35: Evil Sacrifice is the second map of The Lost Levels in Doom 64.


Doom64 MAP35

Map of MAP35


  1. At the start point, press the switch to the left of the stairs. It will lower the pedestal holding the Super Shotgun near the small pillars blocking your path. Stepping onto the pedestal temporarily lower the ledge holding the Security Armor, so rush to collect it before the ledge rises.
  2. After activating the switch lowering the pedestal with the Partial invisibility, you can see another switch through a grated window next to the inverted cross. Shoot it to open an alcove inside the door below. Take a right to find a Megaarmor and two energy cell packs.
  3. After going through the Yellow Door and up the stairs, you will hear a tile open nearby. Turn the right to see a switch that has been opened on the wall outside. Shoot it before it closes to lower a BFG 9000 atop the pillar.


Map data[]

Things 485
Vertices 2434
Linedefs 3148
Sidedefs 4655
Sectors 526


Monsters BG and BIO IOD WMD
Shotgun guys 15 24 29
Imps 11 14 17
Nightmare Imps 20 27 30
Demons 4 10 10
Spectres 6 6 6
Lost Souls 4 8 9
Cacodemons 3 9 12
Hell Knights 6 10 11
Barons of Hell 1 2 2
Arachnotrons 7 11 15
Pain Elementals 3 5 7