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This level occupies the map slot MAP30. For other maps which occupy this slot, see Category:MAP30.

MAP30: Threshold of Pain is a map that appears in the PlayStation and Saturn versions of Doom. This map marks the conclusion of Ultimate Doom on these ports.


Threshold of Pain map

Map of Threshold of Pain

Letters in italics refer to marked spots on the map. Sector numbers in boldface are secrets which count toward the end-of-level tally.

End Area


Map data[]

Things 512
Vertexes 803
Linedefs 1056
Sidedefs 1425
Sectors 252


Monsters IAW and NTR HMP UV
Demons 5
Hell Knights 39
Imps 41
Lost Souls 29
Nightmare Spectres 7
Pain Elementals 14
Sergeants 6
Spectres 9
Powerups IAW and NTR HMP UV
Armor bonuses 94
Backpacks 1
Berserk packs 3
Computer maps 1
Green armors 2
Health bonuses 65
Invisibilities 1
Light goggles 1
Medikits 25
Megaspheres 1
Soul Spheres 2
Stimpacks 1
Weapons IAW and NTR HMP UV
Chainsaws 2
Shotguns 1
Chainguns 2
Rocket launchers 1
Plasma rifles 2
Ammunition IAW and NTR HMP UV
Bullet boxes 8
Shells 12
Shell boxes 11
Rockets 17
Rocket boxes 20
Cells 2
Bulk cells 3
Red skulls 1 1 1
Blue skulls 1 1 1


  • The end of this level is one of only two text-based intermissions in Playstation/Saturn Doom (marking the transition between Ultimate Doom and Doom II). Interestingly, the text itself is used, rather freely, from the intermission after MAP11: Circle of Death, pertaining to "your victory" enabling "humankind to evacuate Earth and escape the nightmare", with absolutely no mention of the events of Ultimate Doom itself. The Marine then has to find the "source of the alien invasion", placing him at MAP01: Entryway (marked as "MAP31: Entryway") with a pistol start (but he can keep his equipment by using the password given on intermission screen) instead of MAP12: The Factory.

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