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This level occupies the map slot MAP30. For other maps which occupy this slot, see Category:MAP30.

MAP30: It is the thirtieth and final level of Memento Mori II. It was designed by Jim Wraith and uses the music track "Dance of the Sugarplum Lunatic" by Mark Klem, which is an arrangement of "Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy" from Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker.

Mission briefing[]

According to both the text file and the Infopack:

Well soldier, it doesn't look good.. All we've received from the target is a crackly radio transmission, from which we could only discern the fact that the area is *very* dangerous, and if the conditions weren't such we'd arm you with a H-Bomb. There's not much after this though.. Get past this one and you're home free.. Good luck trooper!


MM2 MAP30 map

Map of MAP30

Letters in italics refer to marked spots on the map. Sector numbers in boldface are secrets which count toward the end-of-level tally.


Teleport (no return), use the skull switch (medium and hard skills: beware of the arch-vile on the back side), open the skull doors, open the door between the torches (a pain elemental waits for you).

When you go in, the side parts will open. This also means that as soon as you make a noise, additional monsters will teleport in, some of them onto the red cross in your back. Open the door at the other end, beware of monsters behind the side walls and use the green teleport stone (no return).

Open the cross-like wall parts, use the lift to reach the switch behind the cyberdemon, this switch will raise the stairs to another switch, which will open the final arena. When you make a noise or enter the corridor, the demon-spitter will start.

Jump down into the arena and use your BFG9000 for the spiderdemon. Pick up the light amplification visor, this will trigger the pillar behind to lower. When it is down, you will find an invulnerability sphere that you have to pick up because it contains the blue key. While you are waiting, lower the two columns on the left and right, which will give you the yellow and red keys. Use the lift to the central building, switch on the three skulls, direct some rockets at the demon-spitter and you are done.


There are no official secrets in this level.



Current records[]

The Compet-N records for the map are:

Run Time Player Date File Notes
UV speed 01:04 Oyvind Stenhaug 2003-01-17
NM speed 01:19 Doug "Opulent" Merrill 2001-04-05
UV max 02:08 Jakub "method_man" Razak 2003-10-06
UV -fast 03:10 Doug "Opulent" Merrill 2002-08-16
UV -respawn 02:57 Casey Alvis 2002-03-26
UV Tyson
UV pacifist

Miscellaneous demos[]

Run Time Player Date File Notes


Map data[]

Things 348
Vertexes 786
Linedefs 986
Sidedefs 1414
Sectors 159


Monsters ITYTD and HNTR HMP UV and NM
Arachnotrons 5 5 5
Arch-Viles 0 1 1
Barons of Hell 3 4 4
Cacodemons 8 11 11
Chaingunners 6 4 5
Cyberdemons 1 1 1
Hell Knights 11 13 13
Romero's heads 1 1 1
Monster spawners 2 2 2
Imps 11 7 7
Lost Souls 41 41 51
Mancubi 2 2 2
Pain Elementals 3 3 3
Revenants 8 10 10
Sergeants 4 4 4
Spectres 2 2 2
Spider Masterminds 1 1 1
Troopers 1 1 1
Powerups ITYTD and HNTR HMP UV and NM
Backpacks 76 76 76
Berserk packs 4 4 4
Green armors 1 1 1
Invisibilities 4 4 4
Invulnerabilities 1 1 1
Light goggles 1 1 1
Medikits 33 29 26
Megaspheres 4 4 4
Weapons ITYTD and HNTR HMP UV and NM
Chainsaws 5 5 5
Shotguns 4 4 4
Super shotguns 5 5 5
Chainguns 4 4 4
Rocket launchers 7 7 7
Plasma rifles 6 6 6
BFG 9000s 5 5 5
Ammunition ITYTD and HNTR HMP UV and NM
Bullet boxes 4 4 4
Shell boxes 4 4 4
Rocket boxes 11 11 11
Bulk cells 4 4 4
Blue skulls 1 1 1
Red skulls 1 1 1
Yellow skulls 1 1 1

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