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The Ruined Temple is accessed from the Catacombs.

SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow.

Walkthrough to the good ending

Map of the Ruined Temple

Mission G9: Shut down the Conversion Chapel

Part 1: Get the keys

The Ruined Temple is a big but simple area. Around the center area are smaller areas containing items like health and ammo. The level has many enemies, including Acolytes, Sentinels, Reavers, Templars and a few Crusaders, yet the highlight of this place is the Programmer's Spectre.

The tactic here is to first alert the enemies, so that they will come to you. Next launch a few Phosphorous Grenades, so they will blindly walk in and die. Once all the Crusaders are dead, the pyramid will open, yet the Spectre will only get alert once it sees you. It will not provide a Sigil piece when killed, but you need to kill it in order to get out of here. The Spectre is not very strong (it is the weakest of the Spectres), usually it will die in one hit at very close range. Do not forget to pick up the Mine key and Factory key before you leave, you will need them later.

Once you have the keys, return to the Catacombs.


  • In the north of the map, open a wall to reveal a passage to a hidden area (A) for some goodies. Beware the crushers on your way back. To avoid the crushers, click on the broken pillar in the southeast of this area, opening the south wall to reveal a teleport to the middle of this area where the Spectre awaits (and, in the Veteran Edition, also to lower the west wall, revealing the Green Talisman). In the Veteran Edition, this is a secret which counts towards the Completionist achievement.


This whole level is in the shape of yet another of those comet symbols.

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