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MAP24: No Escape is the second to last level in the game. The music is from MAP10: The Bleeding. The style of the level is in its name the entire level resembles as a massive arena filled with nightmare imps, mancubi, lost souls and cyberdemons. This incredibly ancient outpost resides within an atmosphere of fire of brimstone from which ever there will be no escape. The player has to find a switch which will release twin cyberdemons from a 20ft cage (providing if the player is on Watch Me Die) once both cyberdemons are dead the level will automatically end hence the name 'no escape' until you have killed every enemy in the level. (Just killing the Cyberdemons is enough to end the map.)

100% Completion

Doom64 MAP24




  1. In the room with the 16 pillars, find the one that has the three switches on it. Examine the side of that pillar that doesn't have a switch, and it'll lower a pillar behind you that holds a backpack.
  2. Eventually you'll come to a large, circular room with a staircase going around the outside and an acid pool in the middle. Examine the wall near the 5th step from the bottom of the stairs to reveal some cells and a Plasma Rifle.
  3. In the main courtyard area, is a large barred door consisting of four gigantic bars. On the sides of this door are two more pillars, each of them having seven “tiles” on each side from the bottom up. Look closely at the large pillar on the left of this door; you will see that the 4th tile from the bottom of this pillar is different from the others. This tile is actually a switch. To activate it, turn around and you will see a small elevator that leads up to some rockets. Go up this elevator, turn around again, and shoot the out-of-place tile with a bullet weapon. Then, fall off the elevator, and go look in the lava pool that's just to the right of the large door. You should see a small that alcove has opened here, revealing a BFG.