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This level occupies the map slot MAP22. For other maps which occupy this slot, see Category:MAP22.

MAP22: Burnt Offerings is the twenty-second map of Doom 64. A pitch-black sky and hellfire dominating the horizon indicates just how deep in Hell the level is. The background music is the same music heard in Level 5, Tech Center. The stage consists of a large cathedral like place surrounded by a courtyard with a altar covered in candles, various areas infested with arachnotrons and also fighting large amounts of spectres and hell knights. Burnt offerings in the form of traps lie in wait throughout the area, eager to ensnare unsuspecting players.


Doom64 MAP22

Map of MAP22


  1. After the wide open area with the Arachantrons, is a darker room with a bunch of pillars, Spectres, and a Megasphere floating above a pool of slime. Clear out this room, then open the door on the left side of this room (left from the Megasphere). Right after you open it, look straight ahead and you'll see a portion of the wall that's different from the rest. Open it, and walk in to get the first secret, and also secret #2 in the process...
  2. The obvious pillar with the backpack and switch on it in secret area #1... is secret #2. Hit the switch, get the backpack, then back up to the entrance of the room, otherwise you'll get crushed by a ceiling.
  3. Exit secret area #1, then go left down the stairs. Then take the first right through the small doorway, go up the highly inclined stairs here, and right in front of you is another fake wall. Open it and walk inside to get the third secret, as well as a teleporter to access secret #4...
  4. Take the teleporter in secret #3, and as soon as you do, you'll get secret #4. Run forward from here to grab the Megasphere.
  5. After opening the blue door, you'll see a rocket launcher. Clear out this room, THEN grab the rocket launcher, because when you do, you'll spring a trap that sinks you into the ground and shoots arrows at you. After it's stopped, a door will open. Go through this door, turn 90 degrees to the left, then walk forward and open the first wall you come to. You should find a Mega armor, a rocket cache, and an alternate path to exit the secret area.
  6. Eventually (after going up the three flights of stairs in the room with the tall red pillars) you'll come to a room with a yellow door, and two balconies that look out on where you fought the Arachnotrons in the beginning of the level. Stand on either balcony; see the gargoyle statue high up in the center of the rock formation in the middle? Shoot it with either shotgun, and it will turn into a Soul sphere, and lower itself to the ground for you.


Map data[]

Things 344
Vertices 1501
Linedefs 1844
Sidedefs 2668
Sectors 391


Monsters BG and BIO IOD WMD
Shotgun guys 7 7 7
Nightmare Imps 7 11 19
Demons 3 7 8
Spectres 6 6 9
Lost Souls 0 2 2
Cacodemons 7 14 16
Hell Knights 4 9 12
Arachnotrons 9 18 23