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This level occupies the map slot MAP19. For other maps which occupy this slot, see Category:MAP19.

The Security Complex is the control center of the Fortress.

SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow.


Seventh mission: Kill the Bishop

Ride the lift up. Have your weapons ready; the alarm will sound as soon as you enter, so no point in attempting stealth. Go straight (if by some mischance you should fall off onto the lower floor, to the west is a teleport back to the upper walkway; to the east is a lift to another route). Keep going straight (or around if you fell down to the east) to a door (A). Enter and flip the switch, then go back, up the stairs to the east (your left), and through the now-open door (B). Go around two corners (just after the second is a trigger, opening a door to a hidden room you passed with supplies and an Acolyte), down the corridor and around to another switch. Approaching this blocks your return passage but the switch itself opens several doors on this level, including one to either side of the switch.

Go south (to your right), loop around (beware the crusher in the yellow and black striped danger area), and you will find yourself back in the corridor leading to the second switch. Retrace your steps to the first switch, and enter the room beyond. Go stand in the area delineated by yellow and black stripes, and doors to two staircases will open (as will others elsewhere in the level). Go up either one and to the room between them (C); flip the switch, then go by whatever route you like to the side passage which was barred when you entered the level (D). Go through where the bars were (be prepared for a hefty fight) and around the barrier; follow the Y-shaped lights to a switch (and a map, although it's too late in the level for this to be any use[*]). After hitting the switch, backtrack a bit and go up either staircase, and through to the teleportal to Administration.

[*]In the Veteran Edition, the map is actually to the next level (Administration) (not to this level), just as Quincy told you. This is one of the things that were supposed to be in the original, but got omitted.


  • The two trigger linedefs at the start are the wrong way around; so if you move forward slowly or hesitantly, Blackbird will complain about the alarms going off before they actually do.
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