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Map of the Stores

This level occupies the map slot MAP18. For other maps which occupy this slot, see Category:MAP18.

The Stores, aka the Warehouse, is where the bulk of stuff in the Fortress is kept.

SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow.


Seventh mission: Kill the Bishop[]

Side mission: get a Mauler[]

This place is crawling with guards, so best use stealth (have the Punch Dagger selected) for as long as possible. Go left, and around (and around, and around) the loooong corridor until you reach the very end. At the end, you will come to a bit (A) where a high corridor crosses a low one (you may remember such sections in the Power Station and in the Sewers), and due to the limitations of the Doom engine, you need to raise the lower floor with a pushbutton so you can cross. Kill the guard with the Punch Dagger (you should by now be strong enough to do it with one swift blow), or a poison bolt if you so prefer (talking to him first is optional) and take his Mauler Key. Retrace your steps to the octagonal lift (B) and ride it down.

Go through the crate maze to the inner room and press the switch (C). This opens the hub of the level so opening the central doors is no longer futile. Switch to your powerful weapon of choice, then open the door (1; it's actually marked as such on the floor of the room) and take out the Reaver awaiting you on the other side. Go up either staircase to your right, then head right if you took the left staircase or vice-versa. Go through the green-lit doorway (D), then ride down on the lift to your right. Pick up one of the Maulers (and the 20 gold), then exit. You may want to search this place for supplies (there are quite a few, this is after all a warehouse); of particular note is the room (E) at the north of the northern sector (3), which contains 400 gold. When you have filched all you can carry, return to the Bailey — side mission complete.

Spoilers end here.