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This level occupies the map slot MAP17. For other maps which occupy this slot, see Category:MAP17.

The Bailey is the main part of The Order's Fortress.

SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow.


Seventh mission: Kill the Bishop

You are in the rear of the gatehouse of the Fortress. Walk up to the guard post in the middle of the room (A) and talk to the guard; he will unbar the way. Turn right and go up the lift (B), then go through the door to the courtyard. Blackbird will tell you to go find the hospital by the fountain; it's not far (see map). Go in and speak to Quincy (the one with red hair and beard); he will tell you that the Bishop's citadel is the building behind you (and guarded by a forcefield), that you need to penetrate the Security Complex to use a teleporter and to destroy the computer in Central Administration, and that the Warehouse is expecting a shipment of Maulers. Before leaving the Hospital, you might want to search it for supplies — not all medical either.

Side mission: get a Mauler

Go to the Warehouse (in the southeast, opposite the Security Complex). You can't enter just yet, as its forcefields are active; so instead enter the nearby guard post. Press the switch (on your right as you enter) and all three forcefields covering the Warehouse doors are disabled; go in the easternmost door (the one that was in front of you as you climbed the stairs). Ride the lift in front of you, go down the stairs (you need to go right, then left and left again) and you are in the Warehouse (called the "Stores" on the automap).

Seventh mission continued

Retrace your steps to the door you came in, go back down the stairs and across the courtyard to the Security Complex.

Seventh mission: conclusion

Go through the door, press the switch to the right of the next door and go through. Go right (around those impressive stone blocks) and up the stairs to the Bishop's Tower.


  • Plenty of stuff in the Hospital.
  • To the west of the entrance to the Bishop's Tower (left as you look on) is a stone pillbox. Approach it from the west and the walls will lower, revealing a two-way teleport to an otherwise unreachable ledge on the west side of the Security Complex.


  • "Bailey" means both the outer wall of a castle (when it's not called the "curtain wall", or "curteyn wall" in really archaic usage) and the courtyard thus enclosed. This level fits both those meanings.
  • Beside the Bishop's Tower is an exit to/from the Catacombs, but it's useless as it can only be opened from the other side.
Spoilers end here.