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Strife levels 11-20

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This level occupies the map slot MAP16. For other maps which occupy this slot, see Category:MAP16.

The Bishop's Tower is what the name says.

SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow.


Seventh mission: Kill the Bishop

Go through the red and black ("crimson and obsidian" if you must) door, then the next one and the dragon door beyond. (You will get a nasty message from the Bishop.) Go left or right, to the door at the end, and up onto the battlements to find a switch. Press this to open the entrance door to the Tower.

Go back to and through this door; keep going (through doors, down a lift) until you reach a room with a switch on a plinth. Hit it, then go back through the door and up either staircase. Warning: although this level is symmetrical, and Strife levels (being as realistic as possible) often have some redundancy, this is not the case with this section. Both sides have to be completed.

Go up one of the two unbarred lifts, then up the stairs (if the arch you went through at the top of the lift leads to a corridor instead of stairs, you took the wrong one) to a room with a pillar in the middle and a switch on the wall. Press the switch to open a door, go down the lift thus revealed and press the button. Go back up and pull the chain, then exit through the door opposite the chain and retrace your steps to the lift. Repeat with the other lift.

The doors to the room between the lifts are now open; go through, press the switch and up either staircase to the final room. Ready your powerful weapon of choice (the missile launcher is probably best) and battle the Bishop; when his physical body dies, his Spectre appears, and it's invulnerable to all weapons except the Sigil, so get that out (and be careful, since it drains your health).

You have now killed the second boss, so return through The Bailey to The Borderlands and thence to The Temple of the Oracle; take the teleporter from the entrance hall directly to the Inner Sanctum.


  • In the room where you fight the Bishop, the computer screens at the back are false walls. Smash either one and enter the hidden room beyond for two med patches, a medical kit, a box of rockets, some phosphorus grenades, an energy pack, and 50 gold.


  • For some reason, I sometimes found that one of the doors to the chain-switch rooms, which are both supposed to be opened by the switch on the plinth (along with many other doors), don't open, or close again after opening (which isn't supposed to happen). Since you can't hit the switch again, the only non-cheat solution is to reload your latest autosave and try again.
Spoilers end here.