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This level occupies the map slot MAP15. For other maps which occupy this slot, see Category:MAP15.

MAP15: End of the Line is the fifteenth map of the megawad Scythe 2. It was designed by Erik Alm and uses the music track “Gut Wrencher” from Duke Nukem 3D. It is the last map of the industrial episode, there is an entry to the secret map, MAP31: Secret.


[[Image: |thumb|300px|Map of **]]


MAP15, start


  1. FIRST Option: When you finally make it inside the Yellow Door, go forward until you reach the where to your left is a Teleporter and up ahead is the elevator, dont go into either of these, instead to the opposet side of the teleporter you see a wall, there is nothing there but try to use your Use/Open key (Default: Space) until you hear a switch activate, then you can go up the big elevator thing to the top,once you are done fighting the ambush, head up the left set of stairs (the one where the Soul Sphere is/was, once up there you can see some toxic water and also a wall has opened with a Exit Sign (Reward: Secret Exit) NOTE: the switch mentioned here is actually visible but it gets lowered into the floor once u enter the Yellow Keycard area
  2. SECOND Option: At the start of the map as u see the Yellow Keycard above the platform, to your left you see some Crates/Boxes, from the ledge with alot of speed and luck u have a chance on landing on the Crates/Boxes, from there u can reach the Yellow Keycard thus skipping the whole Map and the Switch wont be lowered into the floor


Routes and tricks

MAP15, dead imps


The Compet-N records for the map are:

Run Time Player Date File Notes
UV speed Template:Competnftp
NM speed
UV max
UV -fast
UV -respawn
UV Tyson
UV pacifist


Map data

MAP15, the end



Monsters ITYTD and HNTR HMP UV and NM MP on UV
Arachnotrons 1
Arch-Viles 5
Barons of Hell 8
Cacodemons 9
Chaingunners 19
Cyberdemons 1
Demons 18
Hell Knights 5
Imps 57
Mancubi 30
Pain Elementals 1
Revenants 33
Sergeants 39
Spectres 3
Troopers 34
Wolfenstein SS 1
Powerups ITYTD and HNTR HMP UV and NM MP on UV
Armor bonuses 2
Backpacks 1 1
Berserk packs 1 1
Blue armors 2 2
Green armors 2 2
Invisibilities 1 1
Medikits 11
Soul Spheres 2 4
Stimpacks 6
Weapons ITYTD and HNTR HMP UV and NM MP on UV
Shotguns 1 1
Super shotguns 2 2
Chainguns 1 1
Rocket launchers 1 1
BFG 9000s 1
Ammunition ITYTD and HNTR HMP UV and NM MP on UV
Bullet boxes 3 3
Shells 8 8
Shell boxes 7 15
Rocket boxes 9 9
Bulk cells 5 10
Keys ITYTD and HNTR HMP UV and NM MP on UV
Blue cards 1 1 1 1
Red cards 1 1 1 1
Yellow cards 1 1 1 1


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