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This level occupies the map slot MAP14. For other maps which occupy this slot, see Category:MAP14.

MAP14: Branch Instructions, designed by Cyb, is the fourteenth level of MassMouth 2. When finishing this level, the player is taken to the epilogue map.

MassMouth teleports into a hall with pillars on the side and a chair at the other end of the hall.


Depending on what you did in the previous level, either Romero or The Worm will appear on the chair.


If Romero spawns on the chair, you will have to choose between two endings : either step into the teleporter to join him or fight him. To engage him in battle, simply shoot him and he will start moving.

The Worm[]

If The Worm spawns on the chair, Romero will destroy a wall to the chair's left, and three endings are available to you : kill The Worm and join Romero (by stepping into the teleporter), fight Romero by shooting him (The Worm will instantly teleport away), or kill your boss and Romero. Please note that you cannot kill John Romero before The Worm.

How to fight Romero[]

If you engaged Romero in battle, lava will appear on the hall's sides and one or two Ontras will spawn on the battlefield. Romero is armed with a powerful railgun and sports 4000 hitpoints. If you managed to assemble the seventh weapon, he will be much easier to beat. Do not forget to check out behind the seat for ammunition and a megasphere. You can also pick up the Stimpacks next to the starting point.

Once you killed him, it is not over yet. Romero's head will start floating. It attacks pretty much like a Lost Soul, which means it hurls itself towards you, but instead of simply headbutting you, it will perform multiples bites a second, dealing a good load of damage. It only has 1000 hitpoints though, so you can finish it with the seventh weapon or the automatic shotgun. Once it is dead, the game ends, and you get to see the ending cutscene.