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This level occupies the map slot MAP13. For other maps which occupy this slot, see Category:MAP13.

MAP13: Dark Citadel is the thirteenth level of Doom 64. It uses the music track "Voices In The Blood" by Aubrey Hodges. It is easily one of the most eerie levels in the game in regard to the demonic architecture and creepy ambience by way of much of the stage being very dark, with some sinister sounding BGM. Not the toughest level, but one that can surprise the player more so than others. You will often find yourself getting entangled in tight quarters with Demons, Hell knights, and Barons of Hell throughout the level. This stage uses the starry skyline from the earlier 8 stages.

Boxes of shells and bullets are plentiful, so do not hesitate to make use of them. Be prepared, though, as there are lots of enemies in various locations.


Doom64 MAP13

Map of MAP13


  1. Leave the small room you begin the level in, then turn left and walk all the way down this hallway (the one with the orange moving thing all the way down the right side), killing any enemies as you go and ignoring the orange doorway on your left. Before you turn right at the end of the hall though, look at the walls in the corner, they are a different texture than the rest of the walls. Examine them, and they open, revealing an alcove with shells, rockets, cells and a backpack.
  2. Again, from the start of the level, leave the small room, but this time go straight instead of turning left. Proceed a short ways until you come to an orange doorway on your right and go through. In this yellowish room, take a left, and you will pass by a pillar with a gargoyle on it attached to a fence. Stop before you enter the next room with the wire fences all around it. Examine the left wall in the little room that attaches the two rooms with the fences, and it will rise up, revealing a hidden passage with a Mega Sphere and a BFG 9000!
  3. In the room you enter to fight the Cacodemons and nightmare imps outside, turn right, use the map or examine the wall on your left, there is a hidden little chamber with supercharge in it, plus an imp!


Map data[]

Things 506
Vertices 1881
Linedefs 2187
Sidedefs 3117
Sectors 316


Monsters BG and BIO IOD WMD
Shotgun guys 18 19 17
Imps 0 2 2
Nightmare Imps 24 35 41
Demons 1 1 3
Spectres 5 8 8
Cacodemons 5 6 8
Hell Knights 3 6 7
Barons of Hell 7 16 24
Arachnotrons 0 3 5