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Strife Map08

Map of the Audience Chamber

This level occupies the map slot MAP08. For other maps which occupy this slot, see Category:MAP08.

The Audience Chamber is an area in Strife that is accessed from the Castle during The Front's attack on The Order. It is located due north of the hospital, and northwest of the Programmer's Keep.

SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow.


Fifth mission: Kill the Programmer[]

The player begins this area behind a door, and (if playing on Elite or Bloodbath skill) is greeted by a Crusader and Reaver when the door is opened. Beyond those enemies are several Acolytes (some wearing Shadow Armor) in galleries behind doors locked by a silver key. After dealing with the enemies, go through either of the two doors by the sides of the throne (B); the hallway beyond it will be partly lowered creating a death trap. The switch which also lowers brings the floor back up and thus removes the trap.

Go to the northernmost room (C) (right, then left, from the left door; left, then straight, from the right door), you will meet the third of the False Programmers. Talk to him and he will tell you that he is not the true Programmer, and will give you a silver key, which will allow you to open the doors to the Acolyte galleries and to access the Programmer's Keep. After collecting all the ammo and other goodies (get the Ammo Satchel first, see below), return to the Castle.

Secret stashes[]

No unofficial ones (unless you count the ammo clips dropped by the Acolytes in their galleries), but three official ones:

  • In the bedroom off the northern passage, jump from the west (the side facing the bedside table) onto the small box (D). The back of the bed will lower; run across and drop down for Shadow Armor and a Surgery Kit.
  • In the room off the eastern passage, click on the left (northern, facing west) end of the green thing (E). The room which opens contains poison bolts, an energy pack, and a targeter.
  • Once you have the silver key, open the back of the throne. This stash (F) has an ammo satchel (so best get this one before the other two), poison bolts, and 50 gold (that'll do nicely).
Spoilers end here.