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MAP06: The Weapons Factory is a map for Harmony. It is rather difficult due to the large number of Centaurs, which are strong, resistant to damage, and have a dual mine/grenade launcher.


  1. Head left, and ride the lift up.
  2. Expect a lot of trouble reaching the factory ahead. There are three centaurs in the lower perimeter, encoutnered one at a time. on the platform proper, there are two more centaurs. First, take the long circle around, and reach the second floor. Then, enter the structure by the north side.
  3. Once inside, enter the side room. There is a centaur here, which you need to kill or evade. Look for a switch inside the room, which opens the elevator.
  4. Ride the elevator down, and enter the basement.
  5. In the basement:
    1. Kill the centaur, since you need to get past him to open a door.
    2. Head right, and get past the crushers. At the branch, head left for +100% health.
    3. You will find a centaur, or two on hard. Evade them, and continue onward.
    4. Collect the blue keycard. To reach it, you need to dodge the automatic shooters. Jump onto the raised platforms, keeping to the right side, and return just as quickly. If you fall, you can get back up by using the key card paltform (but you will take damage from shots even if it is lowered.)
    5. On the return leg, you will need to encounter another centaur. If it is too dangerous to attack or slip past it, you may try to double-back along a longer route.
  6. Return to the elevator, and head to the top. Enter.
  7. When you reach the next room, it is covered by upto 8 centaurs. You need to get a keycard from the eastern centaur. Try defeating it by making loose circles around its nearby pillar, or by kiting it by hit and hide attacks. When it is down, get the keycard, and enter the next room.
  8. The next room has two centaurs, and it will darken if you enter it. You will also need to clear laser beams on the walls.
  9. In the final room, get the keycard, and collecting it releases a Centaur (or on easy, two hunters). After dealing with the centaur (kill or evade) and unlocking the exit, you can proceed to the next level.


  1. In the basement, substep 3: Before getting past the centaur, you should see a grenade just behind you. Open the secret door behind that, and you will eventually reach 200% armor.